Legendary Aviation was founded by James M. Goldsmith. A lifelong study of aviation architecture, and a passion for sculpting it has produced
absolutely spectacular results. To offer a truly unique art subject is one thing but it had to be brought about from the right approach. It had to
capture the passionate feeling that envelopes the entire aviation genre,but in a new and fresh way. In every piece he creates beauty, power, tribute
and honor all merge together to capture the very essence of why and how these machines continue to exude an overwhelming air of romance.

“I knew from the beginning that these pieces needed to be presented like never before,” he says. “I decided that large scale was very important to
convey power, and the glass-smooth polished metal finishes would highlight the lines...the special architecture that differentiates each aircraft type
from one another. Architecture that was labored over by designers and engineers that with mere pencil and slide rule churned out machines that
had the power to change the history of the world, and did so on many occasions.”

He also recognizes the urgent need to pay respect to our veterans.“I thought...what can we possibly do to honor people like that? People to whom we owe so much.” The path became clear. Through our unique andfabulous offerings to the aviation art community we will attract as muchattention as possible to the veteran cause.

“Only it won’t just be art...it will feel and say what needs to be said...it will embody respect and thanks to all of those who so deeply
deserve it”.

And so Legendary Aviation was born.



What is it about these machines? God knows we have tried to explain it enoughtimes. There remains a timeless connection through the generations that allures countless thousands of people to see them every year, and to visitthem again like an old friend. Is it the Mustang's slippery beautiful lines that beckons every eye to behold it? Is it its seemingly effortless commandof the environment within which it operates? Or is it the song that it singswhen performing...a song voiced by its satin smooth Merlin engine.


The likely truth is that it's all of these. But we must remember that decades ago these attributes now appreciated in museums and air shows had a much different significance. Simply put, the beautiful song of the Mustang's engine was music that brought freedom to the entire European continent. It helped ensure freedom on our own shores, and took the fight to our enemies, wherever that may have been. Few songs will ever possess such awesome power. And soit is in this spirit that Legendary Aviation embarks on our multifaceted mission of appreciation. Appreciation of the people and machines that haveshaped our world...for without them, the world as we know it would be anentirely different place.


There is a power to truly great fine art. A power that instantly and uncontrollably resonates to the soul. As you behold any of our subjectswithin the collection, we know you will be immediately immersed in their glory, as nothing like this has ever been introduced before. It is through this artistic glory that we will continue to bring remembrance and respecting every way we can to those responsible for our freedoms. Pilots, mechanics,factory workers, engineers, and the countless others whom all played vitalroles in history.So, we are dealing with familiar shapes...some aircraft that have been around for many decades as well as modern military warplanes.


Many of these have been replicated in countless paintings, models, and many other instances. We offerthe truly unique. A powerful offering on a mind blowing scale. Sculptures, bigand beautiful, with sleek features and metal finishes that capture each warplane's iconic beauty. We bring the finest in aviation sculptures toachieve an effect that has never been created before. Once again in thespirit of honoring those who most deserve it.  Our veterans past and present.  


Legendary Aviation. To honor. To remember.