A Word From The Artist   8/25/14  : Following the Concourse De Elegance 2014


2014 has proven to be an exciting year for us, with appearances at some new shows that we had not experienced before. Some of these were not aviation oriented and were shows that we basically decided we would try out once and seee if it was a good venue for us. Well let me tell you it was fantastic to be so welcomed by the venue itself as well as attendees, proviing that in whatever genre you choose to look at, there is atill going to be the same percentage of aviation enthusiasts, pilots, ex-service men, etc. present.


Looking forward to next year, we have exciting new pieces coming, which are covered in our current news section. One of the things that I really enjoy about the bigger shows is the multi-national attendance. It is a great pleasure to speak with pilots, vets and collectors from other countries and hear their comments. On frequent occasion I am confronted with the obvious British accent and immediately I know the next question..."Where's the Spitfire?" And of course they would be right. Any collection representing the world's greatest aircraft simply must include the fabulous Spit. And so we will. The Spitfire Mark IX is one of our upcoming Enthusiast Series that will have the same spectacular look, but be a little smaller so as to fit in most any room. There will be several others introduced in this range throughout the year. Also, our aviation artifacts (Other Products) are coming up for order, starting with the full size replica P-38 Lightning propeller blades which are base mounted and finished in various polished metals or paint and stencil just as they looked when installed on the aircraft. Watch for our "Other Products" section to be opening soon for more details on these unusual and exciting pieces to decorate your aviation room or study. We wish to sincerely thank our show hosts for the year, Barrett-Jackson, Chino Planes of Fame Museum and Air Show, The Pebble Beach Concourse De Elegance,The Capital Airshow and The Reno Air Races! Until next time, we'll talk again!





A Word From The Artist   5/8/13 : The Amazing Chino Planes of Fame

Reality is my inspiration. Certainly nothing inspires a landscape painter or seascape artist like visiting the country or the ocean. Similarly, each and
every time I am face to face with a rare warbird I am inspired to no end. And, as it does with other artists it compels me to represent the real subject
as accurately as possible in our sculptures. This can be a daunting task when dealing with such iconic and beloved shapes as classic warbirds.

But the flipside of all of that is that nothing is more satisfying than achieving that goal. To start with the various materials that I do and end up
with a perfect representation is a great part of why I do what I do. It is, in a sense, the fuel that feeds the energy of my passion for creating these

We have been visited by many "in the know" people at our shows, such as Ed Shipley of The Horsemen aerobatic team (P-51D owner and pilot), The owner and restorer of Glacier Girl, the P-38 recovered from under 275 feet of glacial ice where it had laid since 1942 to name a few. And every time we
are commended for how accurately we represent the lines and shapes of the original. As an artist, nothing pleases me more than to hear that from people
connected to or owners of the types of aircraft we represent.

But this is not to toot my own horn about being a good artist. No way. Rather it is a confirmation that we are hitting the mark that we have set the bar at
with regards to producing pieces that look like what they're supposed to. And that is extremely important when creating pieces as a tribute as we do
at Legendary Aviation. When a purchaser takes possession of one of our pieces they can rest assured that every line and curve has been studied and laboredover to ensure an accurate representation.

And there is something else. As our pieces become more and more important to air museums around the world for display purposes I have realized that while we are representing history, I have a responsibility to history itself to represent it accurately. For example, last year I was contacted by a small
air museum in Kentucky when they saw an article about Legendary Aviation in Warbirds International magazine. The museum director told me that he had seen the article and that we were planning a P-38L Lightning.


"Our museum could never afford a real P-38 even if we could find one, but we figure that one of yours would be the next best thing!"

Well…I was flattered. But it was that very phone call that reinforced what I already knew. We are also about historical preservation of very important
things that are on the literal brink of extinction. It is my honor and my duty to to be a part of that preservation. Accurately.

Jim Goldsmith