As stated earlier, our mission is multi-faceted. Yes, we are dedicated to producing the most exciting fine art aviation sculptures available to satisfy
discriminating collectors. But just as art pieces like these are truly unique in the collecting realm, we have planned them for yet another, perhaps even
more unique purpose. A purpose that actually was the reason that Legendary Aviation came to be. We wanted to produce these fabulous replicas not only
is art pieces but as a tribute. A tribute that is customizable by you in a couple of different ways.


If you have a relative that is or was an aviator or veteran, or just loves aviation, we offer special edition pieces with plaques that are affixed to the decorative pedestal base with wordage of your choice. Names, unit or squadron information...we will even masterfully replicate any squadron design or logo to adorn your own custom base, making it the perfect way to pay homage to your own personal hero.

Beyond this, in an even more innovative move we offer internment. Our "Eternal Flight Series" is perhaps the most dedicated and elaborate urn for
cremation remains- bar none. Now an aviator or aircraft lover who's time has either already come or is soon at hand can be lovingly interned within
his or her favorite aircraft type.

An unsurpassed tribute and honor that we are proud to say is a Legendary Aviation original. For more information regarding this series, please
contact us directly or visit our studio.